Ocean Science Unit - Grade 3 to 6

13 Videos + 7 Printable Experiments + Scope & Sequence + Cross-curricular Teaching & Project Ideas + Curriculum links & more

A complete unit of work on the science of the sea designed for Grades 3 to 6

In this captivating program, your students will dive into the fascinating world of abiotic factors that affect life in our oceans. From the depths of the sea floor to the surface of the water, your students will discover how light travels through water, how pressure changes with depth, and the secrets behind the formation of ocean currents.

Following this 27 minute video, 12 x short form videos & student experiments & activities, a student will:

- Know that pressure increases as you descend to the ocean floor
- Describe that light decreases as you go deeper into water, with the red light of the spectrum being absorbed first and violet last.
- Know that there are different zones in the ocean, relating to the amount of light reaching each depth.
- Know that ocean currents are affected by salinity and temperature.
- Understand that marine life is affected by abiotic factors  such as light and pressure
- Know that humans need apparatus such as SCUBA gear to breathe compressed air underwater, however there is a limit to how deep we can dive without a submarine.
- Understand that submarines are built to withstand enormous amounts of pressure on their hull.
- Identify that the release of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere contributes to ocean acidification, which in turn affects life forms such as coral.

Curriculum links across Australia, USA, Canada & New Zealand (see below for specific linkages)
> Australian Curriculum
> NSW Science Syllabus
> Victorian F - 10 Science Curriculum
> US Next Generation Science Standards
> The Ontario Curriculum
> The New Zealand Curriculum

Includes 7 printable PDF experiments to run in class plus student quizzes, a sample marking rubric, scope & sequence, cross-curricular teaching ideas, student project ideas, common student misconceptions to be aware of as well as Australian, USA, Canadian& New Zealand curriculum outcomes, crossword, word search, colouring-in sheets, experiment templates and a risk assessment template.  

Optional materials to have on-hand include food colouring, two glass bottles, warm and cold water, carboard, red cabbage juice, vinegar, bicarbonate soda, sultanas, lemonade or soda water, plastic cups, sticky tape, coloured markers, a soda bottle & vegetable oil, a kids pool, oil, detergent and dirt 

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    • Cross-curricular Teaching Ideas
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