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Teaching the Scientific Method - K to 6

Help students understand how science really works

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Experimental design made easy

This course empowers you to teach students to create experiments that truly use the scientific method.
Join a practical science course for K to 6 teachers. Based on real experience and backed by thousands of workshops since 2004.
This course covers the teaching methodology that helps students understand & apply the scientific method to every experiment

Teach the way they learn

-Discover insider tips for teaching the scientific method with K to 6 students used by experienced educators;
What works, what doesn't, skills to address, how to keep it safe plus best practices to avoid common misconceptions.    

- Avoid hours of internet searching for science activities (that may / may not work);
We go beyond simple experiment sheets to show you how to teach age-appropriate experiments for K to 6 students
Teach the scientific method without confusing students.  

- Save time planning your year.
Ready to go experiments with inquiry-based questions that can be used for different grade levels.
Curriculum mapping to both the Australian Curriculum & the NSW Science & Technology Syllabus.


-  1 hour of videos with captions
- Practical tips on how to teach the scientific method with K to 6 students
- 12 practical experiments with clear, printable, step by step instructions combined with real-world teaching tips
- Each experiment has direct ACARA curriculum links & extension activities
- Downloadable experiment reference sheets & material lists
- A guide on how to apply risk assessment for science activities plus a template for use
- All experiments use easy to source materials from the local shops
- Includes certificate on course completion  

Option for a 1 hour Zoom meeting with the Fizzics Education team

Course Curriculum

Ben Newsome CF

Ben Newsome founded Fizzics Education to deliver science education across Australia, having now reached 2 million kids since 2004. 
He has worked in hundreds of early learning centres, has presented countless preschool teacher professional development programs and is a regular speaker at teaching & learning conferences.

He is a qualified science teacher, 2013 Churchill Fellow, 2020 AMP Tomorrow Maker, multiple Australian Small Business Winner for Children’s Education Services, 2020 WSABE Outstanding Business Leader of the Year, 2019 Blacktown Business Person of the Year and receiver of several Pinnacle Awards from the Center for Interactive Learning & Collaboration.

Ben is a community leader for the International Society for Technology in Education, a board member for Educating 4 Leadership, is an advisory board member of the Center for Interactive Learning & Collaboration and an Ambassador for the Association of Science Education Technicians NSW.

He is also the author of ‘Be Amazing! How to teach science the way primary kids love’ & the host of the FizzicsEd Podcast.

ACARA links

Science Inquiry Skills is concerned with the practices used to develop scientific knowledge, including questioning, planning and conducting experiments and investigations, collecting and analysing data, drawing critical, evidence-based conclusions, and evaluating and communicating results.  

The Science Inquiry Skills strand comprises of five sub-strands. This course focusses on three of the five sub-strands, these are:  

Questioning and predicting – key abilities include identifying and constructing questions that can be investigated scientifically, proposing hypotheses and suggesting possible outcomes.

Planning and conducting –key abilities include making decisions about how to investigate or solve a problem and carrying out an investigation, including the collection of data.

Communicating – key abilities include conveying information or ideas to other through appropriate representations, text types and modes.

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